Ageism – Rui, Jamie and Holly

Hello, today I will be writing about Ageism.

Many of you may not even know what this term ageism is. A matter of fact it is a form of discrimination and can affect any of us. Have you ever heard someone label you as too old or too young?. This is found a lot in media today. When producers choose a certain type of model to appear on a magazine or cover, many people get turned away due to the fact that they may have too many wrinkles or a man may not have enough facial hair making them look too young. This is a way of segregating people other than from the colour of their skin.

While making a magazine producers take into account the age of the people they show depending on the type of audience that view their content. An example of this is when advertising for underwear, they only want to choose young thin woman as if they used older woman their body would appear more wrinkly and also sag down. It is not only woman ageism effects, men are discriminated depending on their age. Most male model are chosen because they look young and athletic with a toned figure and the older generation are disagreed due to the added body fat.

Also in a way films make people feel segregated due to the age ratings shown on the film. An example of this is the film Toy Story which is rated a U viewing, this may make teenagers feel unable to see this as it may make them look like a child watching a low viewing movie. However another film such as The Avengers which is a 12a rated film attracts all ages due to the fact that the film contains some strong language and action.

Nowadays Women on television are affected by ageism. It is believed that as women reach the age of 50 their time on television is almost over. Evidence of this is that the majority of over 50s in the UK are women (53.1%) However the overwhelming majority of TV presenters who are over 50 are men (82%). This is also a form of sexism as men are accepted when over the age of 50, however women are rarely accepted when over the age of 50.

Ageism is the reason for the elder generation in the media getting airbrushed and wearing lots of make up to cover their wrinkles and make them transform to look younger to appeal to a younger audience. Ageism in common parlance and age studies usually refers to negative discriminatory practices against old people, people in their middle years, teenagers and children. There are several forms of age-related bias. Adultism is a predisposition towards adults, which is seen as biased against children, youth, and all young people who are not addressed or viewed as adults.Jeunism is the discrimination against older people in favor of younger ones. This includes political candidacies, jobs, and cultural settings where the supposed physical beauty of youth is more appreciated than the supposed greater moral of adulthood.

Written by Rui, Jamie and Holly